Welcome to a new reality in the sales world.  A time where how you sell has become more important than what you sell.


Here is why


Every product category is exploding in competition.


Customers have choices for any product or service type they want to buy. All of them are more or less…... the same.


Differentiation based solely on your product or service features and benefits is making you look like everyone else. And when almost every business category is exploding in competition, how you sell is the most effective way to increase sales.


Do you really want to trust the future of your business to 

“we have the best service”

“we have the best selection”

“we have been in business a billion years”

“best prices” “free quotes” 


Does that not sound like everyone else?

So what's the impact of looking and sounding like your competition?  

The only way prospects can distinguish you from your competition is......price.  It's a race to the bottom that no company wants to win.