Ever wonder why that sales training didn't work?

Most companies I speak with have tried some form of sales training and most companies tell me it did not secure a lasting performance improvement that they were looking for. It’s often a hope that if we throw some money at a sales problem, that will take care of it.

It rarely does.

Right now workshops are the hot thing when it comes to sales training. However, whether its boot camps, workshops, or weekly classroom sales training, you may get you some great extrinsic motivation, the latest and greatest techniques, and pages full of notes you can immediately try and implement on your own. However it will most likely not secure:

  1. Selling at higher prices

  2. Having a disqualification mindset

  3. Eliminating think it overs

  4. Weeding out time wasters and tire kickers

  5. Differentiating yourself by the questions you ask

  6. Implementing a sales process.

  7. Having the prospect overcome objections

  8. This list could on....

So I would ask

Why are you considering training?

What would you like to happen as a result of the training?

Are the time, money, and resources you are looking to invest realistic with the results you are hoping for?

Then consider this scenario....

Let’s pretend you wanted to get better at golf so you hired a golf instructor. However, instead of you swinging the club, your time was spent taking notes and watching the instructor hit balls on the practice range. Imagine hiring someone to help you get better at golf but they never actually watched how you swing a club.

How could they know whether you were putting into practice what you were learning?

How could they know the mistakes you were making that you were not aware of?

How could they know the information you gave back to them is accurate?

Unfortunately, this is what most sales training looks like today.

The answer to whatever sales problem you’re facing in business likely isn’t that you need more or better content. It’s not your sales system. Most likely the people you hired for the sales position are not the problem.

It’s about execution. It's about experience that we gain from the execution. So much time is spent on what to do, very little time on how to do it and actually doing it. Let me say that again because it's very important.

So much time is spent on what to do, very little time on how to do it and actually doing it.

Sales training today is typically an instructor who is very good at delivering a lesson in front of the room, but lacks any real strategy to actually observe the execution of that lesson. It was not the system that failed you but the execution or lack thereof.

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